Saturday, June 6, 2020
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If you are interested in joining The Veterinary Deer Society please see the explanations of different catagories below and then download the proposal for membership form (PDF), complete and return it enclosing £10.00 – subscription fee payable to “Veterinary Deer Society”. Alternatively, if you would like to subscribe annually download the standing order mandate (PDF), complete and return it along with the completed ‘Proposal for membership’ form. Membership of the society grants free on-line access to the Management and Diseases of Deer Handbook.

Members are veterinary surgeons and practitioners.  Such membership shall also be open to students studying for a veterinary degree, without annual subscription, following the procedure for Members, but they will not hold an appointed post or an elected post or have voting rights, but may be co-opted.  Candidates for election must return a completed proposal form and annual subscription form.  The Honorary Secretary shall then circulate the names of candidates on the agenda of the next General Meeting.  Election of candidates shall be by a simple majority of all Members.

Associate Members, being members who are not veterinary surgeons, can be elected following the procedure for Members, having been sponsored by a veterinary member. They are not eligible to be President, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor or Deputy Editor or to vote on policy. Such membership shall also be open to students, without annual subscription, following this procedure, but they will not hold an appointed post or an elected post or have voting rights, but may be co-opted.

Please note: student members not paying an annual subscription do not have access to VDS publications which includes the Management and Diseases of Deer Handbook.

Documents can be completed electronically…


  1. Hi I have been trying to find out if the society is still running but have had no replies – could you let me know if a society still exists? Thanks for your time
    Regards M Moroz BVScMRCVS

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