Friday, April 10, 2020
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About VDS

The Veterinary Deer Society (VDS) was established in 1981 with the object of aiding those vets interested in deer to exchange information more easily. The Society has grown and became a non-territorial division of the BVA in 1989.

The annual subscription has always been kept low (£10.00) but funds have accumulated due to the effort members put into writing and selling the book Management and Diseases of Deer. All currently subscribed members who have provided an email address will now have on-line access to this publication via a password which will be renewed annually.

Although the impetus for the Society came from the growing deer farming industry, many members are more involved with park and wild deer and a large proportion of the membership is involved in research into diseases of deer.

Informative meetings are held approximately every two years with the aim of disseminating new information and passing on knowledge gained by experience to support those already familiar, and those wishing to start working, with deer. These meetings are held in a relaxed atmosphere and are an excellent way to make contacts with others working in this sector. Suggestions for presentations at these meetings on both new and older topics are always welcome and should be sent (by email) to the President or Secretary.


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